Xi’An Central Asia Trading Zone

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Xi’An Central Asia Trading Zone Master Plan

The Central Asian Trading Zone is situated on the shore of the Bahe River. The central community area on top of the cliff is overlooking the public leisure and sports park, including the training facilities of the local soccer team.

The community park surrounds this core area that includes cultural, commercial and leisure facilities as well as office spaces. Meadows, groves, a network of creeks that collects the storm water, pavilions and tea-houses invite you to relax. A network of pedestrian paths connects the core area with 5 low-rise residential clusters and 2 schools embedded in the park as well as the surrounding 4 high-rise clusters. Even though urban structure of these high-rise clusters is the same, the architectural language of each cluster could create an individual character by different use of materials and façade layouts.

A two-level base connects the towers of each cluster. This U-shaped layout forms a public plaza in each cluster that opens to the surrounding streets. Here you can find a shopping mall, a hospital, a hotel and a commercial village, adding to the individual character of each cluster. The “flower of Xi’an” is the image we intend to create, as respectful reference to the urban layout of the great city of Xi’an.

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