The Urban Continuum
Urbanlogic is an expanding boutique consulting practice, which has broadened it’s consultant capacity to reflect the complexities of the “Urban Continuum”, a process encompassing the sustainable and climate resilient evolution in cities and towns in the Asian environment. It is within this context that we believe in a problem solving philosophy which optimises the positives from close working with government, private sector and communities in the pursuit of optimal sustainability.

The Capacity to Respond  

Our new partnerships and key staff appointments have significantly expanded Urbanlogic in-house professional capacity to work throughout the Urban Continuum, with particular reference to green city planning, urban sustainability, climate change resilience and disaster risk management.

The Key Linkages – Naree International Ltd

A further initiative has been the formation of close working relationships between Urbanlogic with Naree International Ltd, the highly successful Hong Kong/China group, registered in Hong Kong and with offices in Beijing and Cheng. Mutuality, particularly in the urban planning, environment and climate resilience sectors will benefit professional and management capacity going forward.