Pavilion For Industrial Culture

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Pavilion For Industrial Culture

Stuttgart is the seat of internationally renowned companies such as Daimler, Bosch and Porsche. To celebrate their common roots in the region they joined forces to commission a showroom in which their products and history can be displayed.

The pavilion is situated on a lake within Stuttgart’s central park. Both programmatic components- the outside public spaces (exhibition and café) and the inside exhibition space- are united within the same envelope. The building refers to its location on the water by opening up to the sky like the hulk of a ship.

The unique form of the building also derives from an innovative structural idea: A second level which is suspended from the roof exerts an inward-bound horizontal force which is in equilibrium with the outward-bound horizontal force of the roof.

The project has been designed in collaboration with M&E consultants and structural engineers from the University of Stuttgart.

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