Urbanlogic embraces a comprehensive and integrated approach to community planning and architectural design. We embed sustainable design principles in all our projects, providing progressive private developers, international agencies and municipalities with state-of-the-art design and planning solutions.

We offer in-house the following key expertise:

  • Master Planning and Urban Design, including Green City Planning, New Town and Community Development, Central Area Planning, Commercial/Retail Planning, Residential Development, and Tourism/Recreation Planning and Development
  • Urban Planning and Development
  • Architectural Design
  • Urban Regeneration
  • Urban Conservation Policy and Practice
  • Social Development and Poverty Alleviation
  • Institutional Development and Governance
  • Inter-Cultural Dialogue, Capacity Building and Training
  • Urban Research
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability Audit and Consulting

We can also draw on an extensive network of associates and external consultants, including the following primary expertise:

  • Development Economics, Finance and Real Estate Consulting
  • Transport Planning and Design
  • Environmental Planning and Assessment
  • Civil, Municipal, Hydrological and Structural Engineering
  • Landscape Planning and Design

Urban Design and Masterplanning

Urbanlogic offers a comprehensive Master Planning and Urban Design service to both the private sector and government agencies, taking clients through the process of visioning and conceptual design options through to detailed master plan and landscape plan formulation and onto the preparation of site development and urban design guidance, together with implementation timelines and phasing plans. Collaborating with our associates, we ensure that our master plans maximize economic and financial viability, retain social and cultural integrity and meet environmental standards and guidelines. We work closely with our clients and project affected communities to help ensure that master plan proposals are fair and equitable. Our partners have worked extensively in this field across Greater China, South-East Asia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Responsible partners: Keith Perry, Christian Junge

Urban Planning and Development

Sustainable cities best respond to a process of consensus, built around a participatory environment incorporating the needs and aspirations of all the stakeholders. Cities have common problems, but each is also unique requiring thorough analysis of the status quo and the problems, opportunities and risks associated with development at different levels. Urbanlogic has developed a planning model built around achieving realistic levels of economic and social development, meeting the needs of people and attracting private and public sector investment, and ensuring the urban community will be the real beneficiaries. Application of the model facilitates sustainable spatial planning and urban design, ensuring the achievement of targets for better environmental planning and control, including the consumption of natural resources, optimal/renewable energy planning and environmental pollution control and remediation. This includes planning for new towns and communities, integrated approaches to urban renewal for obsolete downtown areas, urban conservation and urban land management, including public/private partnerships.

Responsible partner: Keith Perry, Christian Junge

Architectural Design

As registered architects with more than 12 years of professional experience at partner level, we have knowledge of all stages of building design, starting from feasibility studies and concept design to detailed design, tender documentation and construction supervision.

Wherever we operate, we pride ourselves on working closely with local architectural consultants, converting design concepts into detailed designs, with particular emphasis on matching and complying with the relevant national and regulatory contexts. Similarly we are able to work with clients in helping to ensure the integrity of the conceptual design is transferred into project implementation.

Responsible partners: Christian Junge and Thomas Kupke

Social Development and Poverty Alleviation

Providing consulting services to the developing countries in Asia is a primary objective for Urbanlogic. Our skills set match the traditional urban sector planning, economic development and infrastructure needs of these countries. We are also well equipped to provide consulting services meeting the expanding portfolios of the urban sector in green city planning, climate change remediation and environmental sustainability. Working closely with our professional associates we are insistent on an inclusive stakeholder-led approach in the urban sector, where poverty alleviation and gender issues are paramount. This includes the provision of low cost housing, informal housing upgrading, resettlement planning and livelihood and community development.

Our partners have worked extensively with some of the world’s leading international funding agencies in preparing feasibility studies and providing advice to the Asian Development Bank, the European Union, European Investment Bank, Belgian Technical Cooperation and the World Bank.

Responsible partner: Keith Perry

Institutional Development and Governance

Urbanlogic are concerned that all our plans and projects are implementable and will bring the best possible returns for our clients. We specialize in institutional development planning for governments and the private sector where we regularly recommend: (i) organizational frameworks and capacity development to improve the performance of governments generally and specifically for project implementation; and (ii) implementation mechanisms and financial incentives to attract investment especially from the private sector and community organizations. Our partners have worked frequently with the international funding agencies, governments and the private sector investors both in Asia and Europe in this sector.

Responsible partner: Keith Perry

Inter-Cultural Dialogue, Capacity Building and Training

Our experience of providing consulting services in more than 20 countries has provided us a sound overview of the approaches to sustainable design and urban development in different cultures. We have in-depth experience in this field in the UK, Germany, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. It is one of our key interests to disseminate “best-practice” from each country and adopt it to the local cultural and socio-economic context, by means of workshops, lectures, seminars, and on-the-job training.

Responsible partners: Christian Junge and Keith Perry

Urban Research

In our projects, we aim to combine our practical work with our interest in theory. We have previously completed research on the following topics:

  • Low-carbon city planning
  • Drivers and dynamics of urban growth in China
  • Land market and land use policy in China
  • Bilateral frameworks to support exchange of low-carbon urban development know-how
  • Urban villages and social exclusion in China
  • Building partnerships in Germany (as an alternative to conventional affordable housing provision)

Responsible partner: Christian Junge

Project Management

Urbanlogic offers client liaison and team leadership for multi-disciplinary consulting teams, which we believe is essential to the success of any project. It is in this context that we manage consulting teams on a daily basis through closely knit operational structures that ensure good cost control, ongoing dialogue, milestone brainstorming and conflict resolution. Thus we are able to ensure project plans and proposals are delivered in a timely manner and to a high quality.

Our partners have frequently acted as project managers on high profile and high value consulting plans and projects with the international funding agencies, governments and the private sector investors, both in Asia and Europe. The recently completed ADB funded regional technical assistance project in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam (2nd Greater Mekong Sub-Region Corridor Towns Development Project) is a typical example.

Responsible partners: Christian Junge and Keith Perry

Sustainability Audit and Consulting

Whilst we embed sustainable design principles in all our projects, we are accredited by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) to act as consultants and auditors for sustainable new-built urban districts.

Responsible partner: Christian Junge