Zhangcha Urban Development

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Foshan Zhangcha Sustainable Urban Development Support

On behalf of and in collaboration with GIZ’s Sustainable Urban Development Programme, Urbanlogic assisted in the conception and coordination of an urban development project, and provided sustainable urban design support.

Foshan Zhangcha’s urban development is currently facing a triple challenge: 1. As a manufacturing base with a focus on ceramics and textiles, it is subject to de-industrialisation processes, resulting from competition with low-wage countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh. 2. Due to a land-use mismatch, the World-Bank funded re-design of the waterfront did not result in vibrant, active public space as expected. 3. Poor water quality in the adjacent Fenjiang river and the extensive network of canals.

To address these problems, the team introduced the local authorities to the principles of an integrated planning process. In a participatory workshop with selected project stakeholders, scenarios of Zhangcha’s future were developed, resulting in the shared vision of a mixed-use fashion district. To achieve this goal, a set of measures were proposed, including vocational training facilities, systematic water management, and a revitalization of the waterfront. Subsequently, site-specific sustainable design principles were proposed. To facilitate discussion, these principles were translated and visualized into one exemplary urban & landscape design.

As further deliverables, the GIZ team provided Zhangcha Street Committee with a development brief and design manual, for the further planning of the site and the entire subdistrict.

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