Volkswagen Stand

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Guangzhou Motor Show 2013 Volkswagen Stand

The design expresses the VW brand with a classical symmetrical appearance in the style of reduced German “straightforward” modernism.

The stand is interpreted as a theatre stage: By introducing a mezzanine level, cars can be displayed on three levels, thus stepping up to enhance the visibility of those cars that are more remote from the front edge of the stand. Elements such as screens, reception counters and the cars themselves are arranged along parallel lines like a series of “layers”, creating the impression of depth just like the layers of curtains on a theatre stage.

The stand is divided into three equal areas: for Volkswagen Import, Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW respectively. Each area has its own turntable. All share a central stage with LED screen; in addition, FAW and Shanghai Volkswagen , which are located to the left and right of Volkswagen Import, have their own smaller screens.

Back-Of-House for event management and Volkswagen staff as well as meeting rooms are located along the back on two floors. A catering area with a bar counter is located behind the central screen, with seating stepping up the mezzanine and upper floor (with a separate VIP area on the upper floor).

The predominant materials are white artificial stone tiling for the floor, white powdercoated aluminum louvres for the ceiling, and LED-backlit reinforced acrylic for the edges of the roof and each floor level. The materials are kept in Volkswagen’s corporate colours blue, white and silver metallic.

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