Dali Boutique Hotel

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Dali Yinqiao Boutique Hotel

The hotel adopts to the scale of the surrounding village by breaking down its volume into five building blocks. These are grouped around two courtyards, with an internal alley in between that extends the village road into a jetty.

The buildings are oriented in a way that maximises the views of the rooms onto scenic lake Erhai. Their height varies, so that the upper levels of the buildings at the back can look across those in front, resulting in a picturesque skyline that resembles the surrounding village.

Each room is assigned a balcony. To celebrate the stunning views, the balconies are distinguished in their material and made from timber (a derivate of bamboo).

Access to the rooms is provided from the back of the rooms, so that the balconies remain private.

On the top floor, two luxury suites and one apartment offer additional access to generous private open-air sundecks.

A restaurant and bar on the ground floor with a fully openable facade offer yet another, more intimate experience of the waterfront.

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