Urban Planning and Development

Sustainable cities best respond to a process of consensus, built around a participatory environment incorporating the needs and aspirations of all the stakeholders. Cities have common problems, but each is also unique requiring thorough analysis of the status quo and the problems, opportunities and risks associated with development at different levels. Urbanlogic has developed a planning model built around achieving realistic levels of economic and social development, meeting the needs of people and attracting private and public sector investment, and ensuring the urban community will be the real beneficiaries. Application of the model facilitates sustainable spatial planning and urban design, ensuring the achievement of targets for better environmental planning and control, including the consumption of natural resources, optimal/renewable energy planning and environmental pollution control and remediation. This includes planning for new towns and communities, integrated approaches to urban renewal for obsolete downtown areas, urban conservation and urban land management, including public/private partnerships.

Responsible partner: Keith Perry, Christian Junge