Sichuan Art Factory

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Sichuan International Glass Art Factory & Innovation Centre

The task for this project for a Chinese private investor was to bring together four different typologies- studios and art production, an innovation, auctioning and event center, a hotel and an exhibition space. We chose a design that unifies the different functions under an undulating roof shape which is inspired by the curved-up eaves of the local traditional architecture.

The initial requirement of creating a buffer space between the hotel and the noisy production is transformed into a virtue by making the buffer space a green central plaza that can be used for product launches and events, as well as a peaceful garden for the visitors. The courtyard theme is completed by a sculpture garden and an entrance plaza, which jointly form a sequence of open spaces, progressing from public to private just like in the Forbidden City.

A screen from vertical bamboo sticks acts as a lining for each of the oval courtyards and thus distinguishes them as special from the otherwise simple and pragmatic industrial architecture.
The facade is made from prefabricated concrete panels, into which patterns from the production process are engraved.

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