Qingdao Traffic Business District

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Qingdao Traffic Business District Core Area and Surroundings of High-Speed Railway Station

An important region in Eastern China, Shandong Province has seen substantial change in its economic landscape in recent years. Much of this development has been concentrated in Qingdao, where the municipal and provincial governments decided to build a new transport hub in Licang district. The design includes the master plan of the surrounding area (2km2), the public space design surrounding the new high-speed railway station, the underground arrival levels of two new subway lines, a local and a long distance bus station, parking, services and retail. The new railway station is seen as a catalyst to a new mixed-use city district accommodating a wide mix of functions: commerce, entertainment, residential and offices. Our aim is to concentrate and mix these functions in a way that they can strengthen each other and guarantee a vibrant city life 24h a day. For the urban plan, the historical traces of the past were taken up and re-interpreted.

We envision a city in which all requirements of life in each place can be reached at walking or cycling distance. To support this vision, we collaborated with transport engineering firm Schuessler Plan who created a detailed transport model.

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