Hetian Urban Regeneration

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Xinjiang Hetian Comprehensive Urban Development and Environmental Improvement

We consulted the city of Hetian- located in China’s Xinjiang province- on their comprehensive urban development and environmental improvement strategy. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government and the city government, in consultation with the Asian Development Bank, have identified approximately six to eight sub-projects which are suitable for potentially securing an ADB loan. One of the subprojects is specific to urban regeneration in Tuancheng, with particular reference to the area known as Tuancheng Phase 3 (Urban Regeneration). For this area, an urban regeneration master plan and subproject proposals, costs and implementation advice were provided in order to assure subproject feasibility and suitability for inclusion in the ADB loan. The project was be led by Urbanlogic partner Keith Perry. His task was to build a partnership between government and residents for urban renewal in a part of the old town, focusing on conserving traditional culture and ethnic interest whilst at the same time improving economic prosperity.

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