Vietnam Secondary Cities Project completed

Working through ICF-GHK, we have successfully completed a ground-breaking feasibility study for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Vietnam, which provides a blueprint for sustainable urban development in three regional growth centres: Buon Ma Thuot, Ha Tinh and Tam Ky. As a result, we anticipate the ADB will be able to offer the Vietnamese Government a loan to implement the project components which were recommended in the feasibility study.

The “Secondary Cities Development Project” sets out a programme of climate sensitive infrastructure and facilities construction works and capacity building in the three cities, which can be replicated throughout the urban sector in Vietnam. We fully expect further phases of the Secondary Cities Development Project to be planned and implemented as a result of the success of the current project.

Urbanlogic’s Keith Perry was fortunate to be the team leader and urban planning specialist for this high profile feasibility study.