Tan Hoa Lo Gom Canal Basin

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Tan Hoa Lo Gom Canal Basin Upgrading

This multi-sector feasibility study was built around a master plan for the regeneration and environmental upgrading of the Tan Hoa – Lo Gom canal, a heavily polluted waterway flowing through highly urbanised parts of Ho Chi Minh City.

The master plan set an urban planning and regeneration context for revitalisation of the canal and its environs, including the upgrading of the residential canal-side environment, better flood control and drainage infrastructure and better wastewater treatment. The project included the preparation of an urban design and landscape framework for the canal bank environment and innovative new low-cost designs for local resettlement housing.

The project was closely aligned with the World Bank’s program of in-situ urban upgrading of low quality housing, such that the Study prioritised and developed concept plans for canal side housing occupied by the urban poor for inclusion in the World Bank program.

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