Palmyra Tourism Development

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Palmyra Tourism Development Plan

This technical assistance lays the foundation for European Investment Bank financing in implementing detailed conservation and regeneration proposals.

It is concentrated on the formulation of conservation and tourism concepts to ensure the enhancement of the Palmyra World Heritage Site (WHS), which was under increasing pressure caused by poor site management in the face of increasing visitor numbers. Parts of the ancient site were at risk from physical decay from pollution and ground vibration. At the same time the adjacent urban area was suffering from urban decay and poorly planned and designed visitor facilities and transport arrangements.

The technical assistance provides physical and institutional concepts for conservation of the WHO site and tourism development, through better urban planning and infrastructure provision, including tourism/visitor facilities. This includes an integrated travel plan, which prevents direct vehicular access into the core conservation areas, and provides community transport and of-site parking provision. The technical assistance also includes planning concepts for the urban and economic regeneration of the surrounding urban area, including building conservation and upgrading of the public realm.

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