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  • This technical assistance lays the foundation for European Investment Bank financing in implementing detailed conservation and regeneration proposals. It is concentrated on the formulation of […]
  • This proposal for a housing complex aims to re-urbanise and revitalize the suburban environment of Milton Keynes with three moves:
  • This master plan was developed by a household name in the Hong Kong development sector, in close coordination with the project-affected community and the Government […]
  • Land in China is generally categorised in rural and in urban land. Whereas rural land is collectively owned by rural communities, urban land is owned […]
  • Pi County is situated to the north-west of Chengdu. The master plan for this 16km2 new town is to accommodate the rapidly rising need for […]
  • Upon invitation by the German Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Urbanlogic researched the implications of interpreting smart grids as a common-pool resource good, expanding the […]
  • Preparation of Technical Assistance in the Dhaka and Khulna regions, which has two key components: (i) Conceptual Planning Framework for long-term development and investment in […]
  • The feasibility study intended set new initiatives for pedestrian planning policy in Hong Kong. The study provides a revised policy and practice framework for use […]
  • City Waterside’s objective is to reinvigorate the housing market in Stoke-on-Trent, an area of low demand. To achieve this aspiration the Lichfield site has to […]