Hotel On Lake Lugano

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Hotel On Lake Lugano

The site is situated on the shore of Lake Lugano, in a zone densely covered with reed grass. The owner of a nearby camping site has decided to extend his premises with a hotel, for which he has chosen this location. Rather than clearing the site of its particular vegetation, the design seeks to benefit from it by cutting spaces into it.

The guests arrive on a wooden platform from which they cannot immediately see the lake. They are welcomed by a member of the small staff who runs the hotel as a private business.

There are only eight rooms that can be reached via a long wooden walkway. The floor of the room is nearly on water level and entirely covered with a mattress. One has to take the shoes off before entering. Lying on the mattress one can see the sunlight twinkling through the reed, reflected by the water. The walls are delicate wooden studwork with a transparent polycarbonate cladding.

Generous terraces belong to each one or two rooms. In the evening curtains separate these terraces from the common passageway and give them privacy. One can see the shadows of the reed on the curtains and vice versa the colour of the curtains through the reed.

The small fish restaurant has its own terrace at the end of the walkway, with a free view on the lake. Besides all hotel guests can be served on their private terraces.

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