District Centre Zuericher Strasse

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District Centre Nuremberg - Zuericher Strasse

The proposal organises the site along a regionally significant landscape corridor, crossing the site North-Southeast. Three elements dock onto this green “spine”: The Zuericher Platz as a neighbourhood square which accommodates the newly built subway station, and two residential areas- one in the north and one in the south-east. All communal and private green spaces abut the public park, which also provides the identity of the new quarter.

In the north, and as a back to the busy Zuericher Strasse, residential building partnerships group around three green courtyards, which open up to the park in the south. These communal spaces shall be designed drawing on public participation.

The public square around the new subway station Nuremberg-Grossreuth is shaped by four sides, which is achieved by a trapezoidal shape that is rotated against the line of the subway tracks. The fourth “facade” of the square is formed by the trees of the park, thus marking a direct transition between square and park.

Retail and restaurants are located on the ground floor surrounding the square. Offices and residential uses above ensure that the space will be frequented both during daytime and in the evenings.


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