Chengdu Pi County New Town

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Chengdu Pi County New Town and High-Tech Development Area

Pi County is situated to the north-west of Chengdu. The master plan for this 16km2 new town is to accommodate the rapidly rising need for housing and services, due to the new arrival of electronics manufacturer Foxconn.

The site, “Deyuan New Town”, lies south of the old Pi city and the Qingshui River and west of the Foxconn factories. A mixed use district with a small concert hall and a big public plaza is the new center of the Deyuan New Town.

The culture axis connects the New Town to the Wangcong Cultural Park at the old city centre of Pixian. The five surrounding residential districts each have their sub-center for all functions of everyday life.

The main idea is to connect all these districts with a sustainable green, open space, public, pedestrian and cyclist and social network. We named it the `Leisure Network´. The public plaza, the landscape axis, sub center green corridors, the river front sides and bi-cycle ways defines the Leisure Network and connect sports activities and recreational elements.

The main public transport is organized on a ring boulevard connecting the district centers with all sub-centers and the entrances of the Foxconn site.

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